What are the differences between the kind of lash styles that you sell?

Mink Collection – Can be used up to 15x with proper care


3D Mink

Made out of Premium grade Faux Mink strands that look and feel like REAL MINK fur. The main difference is with the diameter of each lash strand. The thinner the strand, the more natural and “real” it looks! The strands are put on top of each other creating a 3D/layered look.


Our 3D Mink styles range from natural to dramatic! The 3D Mink’s lash band is made out of cotton. It is hypoallergenic and extremely easy to put on (even for falsie beginners).


Price range is from P450-P650/Pair



Made out of Faux Mink strands that have reduced shine (compared to silk styles) which make them appear more natural. They have a somewhat thicker diameter than the 3D strands creating the “mascara effect.” Just like the 3D mink, the lash band is made out of cotton (hypoallergenic as well!).


Price is P350/Pair


I wanted to add a pack of natural lashes that could be thrown out after one use. As the months went by however, I noticed that more and more Makeup Artists bough this pack for their clients. These disposables are made out of silk and look great with a full makeup look. Usually clients don’t know how to put lashes on themselves, don’t have glue, or throw away lashes after an event. Because of this, using disposables is the most practical. 


So, whether you are a seasoned lash wearer OR a makeup artist looking for lashes for your clients, this pack is great!!!


Price is P120/5 Pairs 

If I order and pay before the cutoff of 4pm, when will I receive my package? 

If your payment is confirmed before the 4pm cutoff, you will receive your package tin 1-3 business days. 

How long is my order reserved for if I choose to pay via Bank Deposit?

Your order will be reserved for 2 business days. If we have not received your payment before then, there is a possibility that we will give the styles in your cart to another client (this happens when we are low in stock).

What are the modes of payments?

You can pay directly on this site for PayPal payments or you can deposit/band transfer to our BDO or BPI Account. We also offer Cash On Delivery for orders within Metro Manila. 

Do you accept resellers?

We currently do not have any resellers because of the limitation in stocks. You can however, advance order in bulk (wholesale price). 

Do you ship internationally?

We normally don't because of the high cost in shipping fees. If you're really adamant though, please contact us through our email (include your order) and we can give the courier a call to inquire about costs to your location. 

I want something natural. What do you suggest?

In order of most natural: Alie, Gabriela, Samantha, Alexandria

What lash glue do you suggest?

The industry standard Lash Glue is DUO and can be bought in any MAC store for around P600-P650. I, however, find the DUO glue a bit hard to work with. I suggest the glue we sell on this site. Its brand is Marie Beauty. It comes with a brush tip that helps apply glue neatly to the base of the lash. Also incredibly beginner friendly!