How I put on False Lashes!

Throughout my lash obsessed life, I've always heard my friends (and strangers) proclaim that they aren't good at putting false lashes (some even say "I don't even wanna try, it't too hard!).

WELL, I disagree. :)

In my opinion, everybody with hands (and eyes) should be able to properly put lashes on. All one needs is patience and practice! You can click the photo above if you want to get redirected to the youtube tutorial. If reading is your thing, continue on this page. :)


1. Obviously, Lashes - If you don't have any, you're in luck! Click the SHOP button above for all our available styles.

2. Lash Glue - The industry standard is DUO Glue, you can buy this at MAC or at any makeup specialty store for P600++. Here at Lash Lab, we sell Marie Beauty Lash Glue. It's not the best in the world BUT it's the BEST FOR IT'S PRICE! Lash glue at Watson's cost P60 for a 2ml (Nichido) or P600 (for a tube SHAWIL brand). If you don't have DUO, I suggest to buy this Marie Beauty one for P150/12ml bottle. It's affordable and does what it's supposed to do.

3. Lash Applicator or Tweezers

4. Scissors - literally any clean pair of scissors would work but the ones specifically for cosmetics is nice to have in your kit

5. A Mirror - Preferably one that can swivels up and down.



Make sure that the Lashes are the correct length for your eye. Look down on the mirror and see check the length of where your natural lashes start and end. That length should be the same length as your False Lash. Cut the Falsies accordingly.


Gently hold the lash using your applicator/tweezer/finger. Brush on a coat of glue on the lash line making sure that you don't get any glue on the lash strands.


Angle your mirror upwards so you can see where you need to stick the falsies. Let the glue get tacky!

Slowly try to place the falsies as close to the lash line as possible. Using your tweezers, fix them into place. IT'S IMPERATIVE THAT YOU DON'T PANIC AND HURRY DURING THIS PART. Make sure that your placing the lashes exactly where you want them.


Let the glue dry clear. If it dries and you see some white left, cover with brown or black liner.


Do the other side :)

You never know what's going to happen when you're out in the world, so make sure to bring your tube of glue and some tweezers in case your lashes feel like lifting! Better safe than flying lashes :) :) :)

Hope you learned a few things from the way I stick on falsies. I'm sure there are many ways out there and so I think everyone should do what is easiest and most comfortable for them. Practice, practice, practice! If you have any lash tricks of your own, please comment down below. Would love to try new tricks.

Thanks everyone. Until next time!!!

Lots of love and lashes,


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