A Baby Company!

Hi! Before everything, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Steffi Santana and I'm the owner and founder of Lash Lab Manila. I grew up in a city close to San Francisco, CA. When I was 16 years old, I realized that I had a knack for business and everything beauty. During my senior year in high school, I started a youtube channel and was one of the first Beauty Gurus on Youtube (there were only 3 Filipinas!). After a year, my following rose up to more than 25k which was pretty huge back then! I was making $$ for sitting in front of my MacBook and literally using the webcam to make videos. Although I was slowly gaining traction as a youtube content creator, I decided to "pause youtube" and focus on college.

**let me embarrass myself for a second... here's a link of a video (oh gosh) from 2008


hi that's me!

Little did I know that ten years later, I would be living in the Philippines with my own beauty Line. Lash Lab Manila has really been a passion project of mine. I started with the idea of having my own lash line January of 2016. As a LEGIT LASH LOVER, I felt like there was a lack of brands that focused SOLELY on lashes in the Philippines. From there, I searched for suppliers from all over Asia and tried out samples for months! I really wanted to create a Lash Line that I would personally LOVE. A line that prioritizes both aesthetics and quality.

I expected Lash Lab to open a month or two after the initial samples were approved but BOY, WAS I WRONG. I had zero knowledge on importing and customs! I basically gave myself a crash course in a matter of weeks and somehow I was able to pull it off. Lash Lab's first ever social media post was on December 9 (I remember this because it's my second brother's birthday) and we didn't have our first REAL CLIENT until around December 15! At that point I was literally shaking in my boots wondering if I was wrong all this time. Was I only one of the few people that actually want to wear falsies everyday in this country?!

So there I was... packing ONE order thinking about what I'm supposed to do with all the inventory of lashes staring at me. For a second I imagined myself having an unlimited supply of them for the rest of my life. The 11 months of deciding on styles, material, packaging design, studying etc.... Was all that a waste?

BUT WAIT, you guys know my story isn't finished yet. I convinced myself that there ARE ladies (and gents) out there that love lashes, I'M SURE OF IT, I FEEL IT! I mean, how can one not love lashes (insert laughing emoji here! haha). I knew that once people try these products, they would love it!!! I decided to send more lashes to youtube gurus because as cheesy as it sounds, youtube feels like home to me. Low and behold, these wonderful ladies of youtube have helped me slowly get the Lash Lab word out.

By the end of January, new orders started pouring in. There were even some styles that were actually sold out!!! It was a "mind blown" moment, that's for sure. The feedback that I get from ALL of Lash Lab's clients has been nothing short of wonderful! Suddenly, I have so many friends!! How awesome is that :) :)

These paragraphs have led us to today. The launch of www.lashlabmanila.com! WE HAVE A WEBSITE, almost four months after our first ever social media post. Slowly my baby, Lash Lab Manila, is growing into something us lady entrepreneurs can be extremely proud of.

I decided to add a blog section to the website because I want to keep the feel of Lash Lab as homey and as "mom&pop" as possible. Here in the blog, you can ask me questions, send me comments, and suggestions on anything (not just lash related!). If you read all the way here, you have no choice! We are now family! Thank you so much for all your current AND FUTURE support! Thank you for keeping the dream alive :)

Lots of Love and Lashes,


PS. I am not a professional writer nor do I have an editor. I write how I speak. Grammar Nazis are not allowed here! haha!

PPS. Can I call myself Lash Bae or nah? ok, too far. bye.

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