Kimberly 3D Mink

Kimberly 3D Mink




Our most 3D Pair. This very dramatic style has multiple layers of Premium Grade Faux Mink Strands. These strands are curly and creat a super dramatic and wispy look. It opens your eyes and looks absolutely amazing in HD photos/videos.

-can be used up to 15x WITH PROPER CARE

3D Mink
Made out of Premium grade Faux Mink strands that look and feel like REAL MINK fur. The main difference is with the diameter of each lash strand. The thinner the strand, the more natural and “real” it looks! The strands are put on top of each other creating a 3D/layered look.

Made out of Faux Mink strands that have reduced shine (compared to silk styles) which make them appear more natural. They have a somewhat thicker diameter than the 3D strands creating the “mascara effect.” Just like the 3D mink, the lash band is made out of cotton (hypoallergenic as well!).